Where do you get all this stuff?

We travel to Western Europe, Quebec, the US and UK. We also buy 3 or 4 times a year from Eastern Europe. Everyday we buy from people who call or walk in our door. We attend auctions and yearly shows. We do deconstructions and strip-outs. We also accept donations from people who want to divert items from landfills and who wish to support our industry.

How long have you been here?

We opened for business in July of 1998.

How did you ever get started in this business?

Sven retired from the legal profession and re-settled in his home town of Cobourg with a view to building a home out of recycled materials. He dismantled a few barns and houses and began storing the salvaged materials here at the Legacy site. Before you know it people started coming up the driveway and asking if they could buy things. He’s still here.

What did this building use to be?

A CPR freight shed. It has a curtain wall on he north side of the building that was used to load and unload trains. We surmise the building was built in the 1890s after the completion of the rail link to BC that brought in Douglas Fir used to compete the building.

Do you have any old…?

Everything we have is old. We limit our inventory to genuine pre-midcentury architectural element except for some high quality, correct, recently made hardware, plumbing line and lamp replacement parts.

Are your prices firm?

Yes. Our prices are based on condition and scarcity. We have personally traveled, sorted, negotiated, financed, purchased, packed, transported, un-packed, inventoried, cleaned, repaired, priced, displayed and marketed these goods for your convenience.