Preservation is foremost as we strip & dismantle a variety of structures; houses, buildings, barns & industrial facilities, striving to save everything from floor boards on up to the cupola. Meritorious architectural elements need not be gone forever. Accessories & contents from these structures quite often find their way into our care as well.

The integration of reclaimed architectural artifacts will go a long way to preserve the fine heritage that is Canada’s, particularly Ontario’s, hallmark.

Landfills are a costly & wasteful alternative for re-useable building materials & house wares.
Environment Canada has stated, “Every time a house is built, renovated or demolished, a great deal of waste is deposited in local landfills. A demolished house can add up to 42 tonnes (92 thousand lbs.) of waste to landfill sites, and these materials can account for 15 to 20 percent of total landfill waste. Discarded, reusable materials includes wood products (mouldings, beams, plywood, exterior sheathing), metal products (radiators, piping, fixtures, wiring) and dry products (bricks, stone, marble, glass).”

Compounding this grave landfill situation is the unnecessary erosion of the world’s forest reserves, ostensibly to meet the demand for lumber, ultimately affecting animal habitats & green space.

Over recent years, generally adopted recycling programs have lead to an enhanced awareness regarding the concept of reclaimed building materials – especially for artifacts of historic interest. At Legacy, we adopt the view that we don’t inherit our environment from our ancestors, but rather borrow it from our children.