DIY Kitchen Table.

This is a simple project for those who are confident with power tools or for those who know someone who is. Once the carpentry is done, it is just a matter of putting the three parts together. Remember SAFTEY FIRST. Eye and ear protection is essential. If DIY isn’t your thing then contact us and we can recommend a contractor for you.

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What you will need

Tools                        Materials

-Tape Measure                          -Solid wood door

– Pencil                                     -Screws

– Square                                    -Shims

-4ft level (straight edge)              -Sewing Machine Treadle

-Clamps                                    -Glass pre-cut to size.

-Skill Saw




It all comes down to personal taste but there are some practical factors that can influence design. Once you’ve found the perfect door from our wide selection of solid wood doors, then you need to work out how to best use the door to keep its original charm without compromising on the strength and stability of the finished table. Too big a slab of wood and the table may want to tip. Too small and the table will not look proportionate. In this case, hardware from the same era has been put back on the door to highlight the door detail. At Legacy you will find a full range of functioning hardware from 1640 -1940. We also carry a lot of parts and for a project like this you could  simply use the lock casing without its inner workings.





The trickiest part to this project is trimming the door and making it a straight cut. Some may have a steady hand and can simply measure a line and cut to it. But I like to make these jobs as easy and as trouble free as possible. Here you can see the process of how to use a level as a straight edge. This will ensure a straight and accurate cut every time. Go to

Once the door is cut down to an appropriate size, there is the option to do some light sanding and painting or if you like the original look of the door then you can move on to the sewing treadle. The treadle will have a number of places to fasten it to the door and again you can give the steel a light sand and paint or leave it. If the door sits out of level on the treadle then you can use shims to raise a corner of the door.

Once these two parts are fastened together, all that is left to do is order a piece of tempered glass for the final top. Tempered glass is essentially safety glass and cannot be cut as it will shatter. Place small silicon buffers in the corners, to keep the glass secure and prevent it from resting directly on top of the hardware.


Project complete! Enjoy your elegant custom-made table.