Planks (Over 5/4” thick)

Antique Planks (over 5/4″ thick)

Available in random widths, lenghts and thickness these pine and hemlock planks were sawed to utilize their strength, frequently in work areas and typically on barn floors. Accordingly they not only show knots, nail holes, worm tracks and cracks but may exhibit evidence of a century of wear. They produce excellent colour, enhanced by legitimate distress that cannot be duplicated.

Our Lumber Yard is generously stocked with building components such as roof boards, siding boards, rafters, pole rafters, half rounds, full rounds & window sills as well as antique (hand-hewn) beams & vintage (sawed) lumber & beams. We also carry dimensional (recently milled) lumber & construction lumber. Stock changes daily so please call or email with your requirements.

If you don’t discover what you’re searching for, we can assist you in locating a particular item.


Current Price List

2 Inch Thick

2×4 – $2.00 per ft

2×6 – $3.00 per ft

2×8 – $4.25 per ft

2×10 – $5.00 per ft

2×12 – $6.00 per ft

3 Inch Thick

3×4 – $2.50 per ft

3×6 – $3.75 per ft

3×8 – $5.00 per ft

3×10 – $6.00 per ft

3×12 – $7.00 per ft